Seaport’s internal research utilizes a combination of detailed technical analysis with rigorous fundamental research. We seek to maximize gains and mitigate risk while providing consistent performance over the long term that consistently produces real returns (protecting the purchasing power of our clients dollar) on a yearly basis. Quantitative analysis and independent research are used as we embrace a philosophy and process that will produce superior results across what we anticipate will be a long-term holding period for our clients. The cornerstone of our research process at Seaport is comprehensive fundamental analysis that integrates an evaluation of the corporate issuer’s business model and management’s track record with an analysis of its cash flow, its balance sheet, and the structure of the security in which we plan to invest. The same fundamental analysis also applies to non-corporate securities, which may include mortgage and asset backed debt securities, sovereign debt, and commodities.

Our research generally includes in-depth analysis of financial statements and other publicly available information of a corporate issuer, supplemented by interviews with its management and with management of companies that supply goods or services to, compete with, or are customers of that company. To develop a fuller understanding of industry trends and outlook, we may also utilize industry experts and consultants, as well as its long-standing relationships with the broker-dealer community, investment banks, private investment funds, and other market participants.

Our goal is to control three key risks — drawdown, volatility and correlation to various asset classes—and deliver strong, consistent results over a full market cycle.