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Reflecting on South America Trip Standing where I stood to snap the photograph, a casual observer wouldn't particularly notice the structure or reflect on its history. The tourist's eye is attracted instead to the jungle's green canopy, the swirling waters of the river, or monkeys and a toucan... Read More

Debt Clock Ticking Debt isn’t always a form of slavery, but those old sayings didn’t come from nowhere. You can find hundreds of quotes on the Internet discussing the problems of debt. Debt traps borrowers, lenders, and innocent bystanders, too. If debt were a drug, we would demand it be outlawed... Read More

Trump, Xi & Saving Children We’ve collected a diverse set of quotes about Kim and Trump and Xi and the region as a whole. Of course, our vantage point for this assemblage is the United States, and our view is influenced by our financial, economic, and markets perspective. As we wrote in the four-part... Read More